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The story behind the picture…

The Road to Kells

Taken on a rather wet November day, with Been Hill shrouded in clouds; which is a regular occurrence here on the edge of Dingle Bay.

It is always nice to get some feedback from a customer about a picture, however this one is rather special…

Dear John

I look forward to receiving the print.

I bought a small size copy of the print ‘The Road to Kells’ In Pat’s Place, Kells last summer and brought it home to my dad in London who was born in Caherciveen not far from Kells. He really loved it.

My dad died last month and now I feel a real need to have that print up on the wall in my own home. The song ‘The Boys of Barr Na Sraide’ was sung at his funeral, and the photo seems to capture its essence:

“… and when the wheel of life runs down and peace comes over me, o lay me down in that old town, between the hills and sea, I’ll take my sleep in those green fields the place my life began. Where the Boys of Barr Na Sraide went hunting for the wran.”

Joan M.

Donkey in the Rushes

It is believed that donkeys first arrived in Ireland from Britain, having been brought by the Romans from the Middle East and the Mediterranean. They soon became loyal, hardy and sturdy working farm animals; hauling seaweed for fertiliser, turf from the bog for fuel and anything else that needed to be moved to village or farm. They can get by on poor grazing, which is just as well, as they often have to. However, they will not eat rushes; as can be seen here!

Today there are very few working donkeys left, and now most are kept as pets, or perhaps for nostalgic reasons.


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Portmagee Co Kerry

Portmagee; a pocket sized place and yet the jewel in the crown of the Kingdom of South West Kerry.

The heart of picturesque Portmagee is its harbour, the setting-off point for trips to the Skelligs. These trips are a wonderful, memorable experience not to be missed; the Skelligs are a UNESCO world heritage site.

Captain Theobald Magee gave his name to the village. Magee obtained his reputation as a 'Pirate' by bolstering his legitimate business as a shipping merchant with a 'little smuggling'; brandy, whiskey, tea etc. The broken coastline here would have provided perfect hiding places to haul contraband ashore without being seen by the tax and excise men. Magee certainly had an 'eye for the main chance' and mastered how to 'get on' in life. He married the daughter of the local MP, however unfortunately for him this eventually led to his downfall...just as today, bedding politicians often ends in tears!

The Bridge Bar is the one of the liveliest hostelries in The Kingdom. Look out for the famous, the good & the great (plus the odd pirate). They all pop in here from time to time for live music, fine food, set dancing & good craic.

Just over the bridge 'The Green Isle of Valentia'; plenty to see and do here.

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